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We’re proud owners of our '78 VW T2B
original dutch westfalia camper with license plate 00-UM-38 (NL)

Vacation 2023

With the arrival of our first child, we planned a short (2 weeks) trip to Liguria Italy to experience the vacation life with the little one. To transport the extra bike trailer for our family bike trips we bought a matching Westfalia Essen trailer. Within a couple of days we arrived at our first destination Finale Legure and, after a couple of days, we drove further to Cinque Terre.

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Vacation 2022

Short after the last holiday we went to croatia. A roadtrip trough Austria, Solevnia, Italy, along the coast of Croatia until Markaska and back inland crossing Bosnia and Hergzegovina. 4200KM in 2 weeks with several national parks, beaches and citys.

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Vacation 2022

In the first part of the 2022 holiday season, we went to the French coast for a week. Via Gent to Dunkirk and from there along the coast down until Boulogne sur Mer. From there we pulled inland through the Opale nature reserve. We ended the holiday with the "Rumes 26th international VW Meeting" near Lille but just over the border in Belgium.

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Vacation 2021

The trip in the end of june 2021 was our first trip with the camper. With main activitys of roadbiking and (different types of) climbing we crossed Austria, the Italian Dolomites and Swiss in almost 3 weeks. We passed famous passes like Passo san Gothardo and did the Sella Ronda both by car and bike.

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Restauration p2

Late 2020 the van was sold and after some short testing trips the second major restauration was started. The overall technical state was OK but cosmetical improvement and a total strip to reveal hidden rust where essential. Therfore the van got restored in the winter of 2020-2021.

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Restauration p1

After a aborted trip to the middle east in 2010 this car was used as a "donor van" for parts. The previous owner saved it by letting it technically restore and used it for several vacations until 2020.

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KM/L Averge fuel consumption


Trips made so far


See al the details about our van here!

Poptop buscamper

'78 Original Dutch

Westfalia Interior

Air Cooled


Mexican Type 1 Boxer
AS 1600DP 50PK / 37KW


Cruise speed: 80-100 km/h


Petrol E98
max 5% bio-ethanol


CU 29 04 6


14" basic
Rear wheel drive (RWD)

Two tone

Marinoyellow/White (since 2021)
white: L90E
Yellow: Jaune van Gogh 341


Original Westfalia camper with pop top, customised Offenbach interior with Berlin kitchen. Cold water, heater, led lights, and a full equipped kitchen with remote cooking pit.


Total of 6 seats. One bench and two front seats. 4 places to sleep (2 beds).

Extra load

FIAMMA bike carrier with place for two race bikes, extra luggage sack at the top front. Spare wheel placed on the front bumper

K&N Airfilter

Front disk brakes

Red Koni Special-D
Soft preset

218Wh Solar

Central Door lock


Parking Sensors